Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs. S6 Lite

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite at Amazon*:
My overview:

If you are searching for a brand new pill with S Pen, you possibly can select between the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S6 Lite proper now. There’s an enormous value distinction, and the pricier Galaxy Tab S7 does have a lot of further options and a a lot better efficiency. But in the event you solely care concerning the lively stylus and Samsung Notes, the variations are fairly small.

Do you favor the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite?


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30 thoughts on “Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs. S6 Lite”
  1. I never even knew about samsung galaxy tab 8.0 w/ s pen existed until watching mynexttablet..bought it purely due to the review! Best tab reviews on youtube.

  2. When using a USB-C converter to plug in an external hard drive, the tablet wants you to format the whole drive and lost the files you want to edit!! … meaning that you can't really use it for working across devices at all!! Is there a way around this?

  3. I wanted to ask a question that didnt mentioned on your video: im a atudent i have the tab s6 (not lite) and the feeling of that flat pen is very bad becuase i write alot, and i wanted to buy the new spen 7 bur im afraid that my tab s6 wont charge it, do u have any information if it can actually work? That the spen7 work proprely with my s6 (not lite) device? Thank you

  4. Love the reviews, I am in the market for a new tablet and would love to hear your thought on the new iPad 8 vs s6 lite and S5e ….having a hard time figuring out to go budget and which one or higher end and which one….s7..+model or wait for I pad air ext….cheers

  5. I am trying to figure out what to buy, if you had to choose between the new S7 and the S6 which one is better?

  6. Watching this with S6 Lite. I think it suits my needs for reading, writing, media. Just the lcd screen is not as good as the amoled one

  7. im looking for a tablet ready for 24mp raw image manipulation. will a s6 lite fit or is it worth to invest twice the money for a s7?

  8. Hello that was very informative I am going to move up from my Tab s4 and would like to know about ear phones I was going to go Tab S6 ,Tab S6 litte or Tab s 7. can I operate ear phones with all ( either cable or bluetooth) I love the idea of the better sceen like my Tab s4 but being in my early seventies want this machine to last. Love putting my photos , videos on it, doing Utube, facebook instagram so fourth, Ancestory Boom Beach and music. If you have the chance could you please letme know which you suggest thank you see ya and stay safe Bene

  9. I really love your video Anjay. So many good purchases and your style of video. Thanks for helping me and others with our tablets.

  10. I have the Tab S6 Lite since the day it launched. I like it a lot. The only thing I'd like is a higher res screen. I don't mind LCD panel, it's only disadvantage is bad viewing angles but no one is watching their tv shows or browses the web from side. My recommendation: unless you plan on using Dex or playing high-end games, go for the Tab S6 Lite, you'll like it and you won't lose anything compared to the Tab S7! Also because it's the same age as the Tab S7, you'll receive the same amount of software updates.

  11. I am not sure
    But The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is TFT panel
    While The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is LTPS LCD
    If you guys like The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
    Like and comment in bellow

  12. I was going back and forth for two months on whether to get the lite, 6 or 7. I ended up with the S7 and absolutely love it so far. The screen is still amazing even though it is lcd. Still get super bright and works amazingly!

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