Create a Google Account in 2020

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6 thoughts on “Create a Google Account in 2020”
  1. Thanks!
    Over the next fue days Iam going to be creating a YouTube channel and I was stumped
    Because the only 2 google accounts I have are for school and creating a YouTube channel is something school doesn't really need to see
    Sence once your on a account that has been created for a school or created by a school everything you do is recorded
    So I needed to create a new account so school doesn't see that

  2. its so helpful sir, coz i need g account for my sister for her ol class.
    pls do also howt o create fb account this year

  3. Hey it's weeaboo_party I wanted you to play with me on fortnite yesterday earlier because we had to cancel the internet so now I can't play for a couple of months

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