Create Gmail Account in 3 Minutes & Get New Email ID - in English

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  1. New Update [IMP] : After the steps in video are done, we need to execute these commands in addition to refresh the bindings.

    1. Click on start menu, and type "cmd"

    2. Right click on "Command Prompt" and select Run as Administrator.

    3. Now execute this command "cls –refresh-bindings –start"

    4. Now, Open Google.

    Search – "hows tech windows commands"

    Open first link from hows tech [This has got all Important Windows Commands we need]

    5. Copy and paste command no 12

    (to Paste command in Command Prompt, Just Right click on command prompt window, and Simply hit Enter to Execute it)

    6. Then Copy and paste command no 13

    7. Then execute command number 11

    8. & Finally Copy and paste command no 15

    9. Now execute this command "cls –refresh-bindings –finish"

    10. Type 'exit' to Close command Prompt.

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    Video Guide: How to create a new Gmail account and get a new Email ID in real quick steps.

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