Don't Buy Android Tablets In 2020

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27 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Android Tablets In 2020”
  1. Hi, just a general question, does these tablets have inbuilt mic for video calling through apps even they don't have SIM slots in them ? I need a tablet for my child for video calling classes. My budget is aroung 20-25k. which would be the best option. Thanks!

  2. Sir I want to gift this phone to my mother.So gaming is not an issue.She do online streaming a lot.So will there be any lag issue or heat problem?And do it supports fast charging ?And will it seriously work for atleast 3-4 years easily?

  3. Nice video bro, I have some doubts bro, will be great if can help with them.
    1. Does ipados also have too much restrictions like iphoneOS or is it like macos?

    2. How about separately buying 13k pencil?

    3. How would you rate samsung tab S7+, great deal in 74k right, with offers ofcourse.

    4. Memory card, price, Dex mode, included low latency s-pen, battery all favours samsung tab, what are your thoughts over them.

    Just having hard time deciding, not a samsung fanboy.

  4. Bro me lene ki sochra tha Samsung because mene suna hai ki iphone me sofware paid hai so me or money nai khrch pauga as students if i go for i pad

    Please suggest

  5. Under 25k tablet batao…
    Microsoft apps use Karna hai…
    Online lectures krna hai…..
    Mini computer jaisa
    5 years use Karna hai

  6. Brother Android play store may josab Indian Competitive exams ka apps milta hein…kya woh sab apps Apple apps store may milega??

  7. Bro iPhone 11 me YouTube home page load nahi ho raha bas kuch hi videos hote he swipe kro to aaage load nahi hota
    iOS 13.6 pe run kar raha he
    Restart our app reinstall dono kar ke dekha
    Plz koi suggestion bataye

  8. Great work bro ! Thanks for making people aware.
    I have iPad Pro 2018 and to be honest, that was my first tablet n i loved it. It was so smooth and seamless experience. It's been 1 year approx and no lags whatsoever noticed till now and from the build quality to the experience, it was perfection in my opinion. The performance always feels like it's day 1. I don't think that any other tablet can even come close to the iPads.
    Apple products are expensive from other counterparts but worth the money and also you have the options to choose from, according to your needs and budget.

  9. You are correct. There is a huge difference between android tabs and iPad. I think optimisation of apps are still an issue with android tabs. And regarding sponsored video I think people won't mind provided the person concerned is upfront about it.

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