7 tablets enter, just one will earn the crown! I’m evaluating the oldest, crustiest tablets, unboxing model new fancy ones, and all the things in between! Wacom v.s. Huion! Ugee v.s. . . . extra Wacom!

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By admin

  1. HEY GUYS! If you have a tablet right now, can you tell me what brand/model and how you like it? Just in case I do another big review~ ^^

  2. I want one that
    Has a screen-
    Dosent require a computer-
    Can be used for stop motion-
    The not require a computer one not so much though-

  3. "$800. That was supprisingly cheap for a screen tablet"
    Me: dude you can rent a house for like 2-4 months here
    Edit: i fixed some grammars

  4. I just ordered a Huieon drawing tablet….I wish I watched this before buying it…but I might be getting an ipad mainly for drawing,so I dont really mind 🙂

  5. I drawn on non screen tablets since i was 16. I am now 24 and I finally had enough money to buy a screen tablet! It arrives today and im excited to dive into it!

  6. An inexpensive drawing tablet? Any reccommmendations? And what's better for a beginner to digital art, graphic or display tablets?

  7. can you say why mine takes 30 mins to load 1 line? seriously i wated almost an hour and its BRAND NEW and UNUSED

  8. Am rocking a Huion 1060P. This thing is awesome for that price: ~$140 around here. I've no desire to 'upgrade'. I use screenless tabs because I have a powerful PC, and I wanna maximise on the graphic card power. Why would I use something weak, such as a standalone tab?

  9. I'm so confused on how they work like it doesn't even show like a proper screen turned on (basically it doesnt look like a phone or I pad etc it looks like it's shut down) so how does it work??

  10. I'm getting a Wacom intunious pro on a few days! 😀
    I'm glad that I chose a good tablet thanks to you 🙂

  11. can someone comment a link to a drawing tablet with like a proper screen (like a screen where you can fully draw on it) but its still not that expensive?

  12. i use an xp pen one its 30$ and also has an eraser but it doesnt have a screen it big enough i guess atleast for me and works flawlessly

  13. “It’s $800 dollars and is pretty cheap for a screen tablet”
    Me going to Pinballz to get one from the rigged machines for only $80: I am almighty

  14. I just want to know…..WHERE IN THE FLIPPING FLASH CAN I GET THE 13 INCH CINTIQ PROOOOOOOO I've been looking everywhere and I can't even get it on Amazon

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