GALAXY A7 (2016) vs GALAXY A5 (2016) -Speed Test & Comparison!

Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 and Galaxy A5 2016 share the identical specs, apart from the larger display screen, bigger RAM and battery on the Galaxy A7 2016. As the worth distinction is actually low, it is may be complicated to decide on in between these two telephones. This video would possibly provide help to!

Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 model is extra of a phablet with enormous 5.5″ show, however the greater 3GB of RAM and large 3300 mAh battery makes it extra fascinating contemplating the Galaxy A5 2016 has a smaller 2GB RAM and 2900 mAh battery. This video explains these components to think about the A7 over A5.

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32 thoughts on “GALAXY A7 (2016) vs GALAXY A5 (2016) -Speed Test & Comparison!”
  1. I just lost my LG G2, should I get A5 or A7? I dont have much money, so i thought about A5. Is it good for gaming?

  2. The dif. is:
    -a76 has 3 gb ram
    -a76 is biggest than a56
    -a76 cost more than a56
    -a76 has 16 gb….wtf??!!

    In my conclusion a56 is the winner.

  3. I have the a7 and it's amazing I really recommend it it is great I am only 12 I have small hands but can still handle it so yeah it's great I have the pink 1 lol

  4. I know that there isn't much of a big price difference, but seriously like why not put a led notification light on the a7? I thought about getting the a7 but when I think about it the a5 is cheaper, has the led, and there isn't such a big difference between those 2 phones ( I'm not someone who looks at those milliseconds when it comes to speed ). I'm getting the phone for my mom and she definitely won't use the phone for gaming so yeah, the a5 it is.

  5. its allmost the same on all test… yes the a7 is a little faster but you wont feel it.. i would go with the a5 because its more practical to carry it around and overall better for one hand use….. cheers

  6. Can u plz confirm if samsung a5(6) 2016 dailer has the direct video calling (network video call) facility is available or not?

  7. hi, i want to buy a new phone but i don't know which phone is good and the price is not really expensive. What do you think with samsung A3 2016? Or maybe do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

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