Galaxy C9 Pro Vs A7 2017 Vs A9 Pro Camera Comparison

Camera Comparison Between Galaxy A7 2017 Vs C9 Pro Vs A9 Pro.
All these gadgets are coming in approx similar value vary with similar Camera options.
All gadgets include 16 MP REAR Camera with f/1.9.
C9 Pro & A7 2017 Come with 16MP Front Camera whereas A9 Pro include 8MP entrance Camera.
So it is a very robust competitors.

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16 thoughts on “Galaxy C9 Pro Vs A7 2017 Vs A9 Pro Camera Comparison”
  1. Galaxy A9 pro has a pro mode.. Will you plz tell me in that Pro mode does it has "Shutter Speed" , "ISO" , "Focus control" all three of them..??

  2. It seems that the rear camera of A9 pro is among the best. Unfortunately, there is no comparison in low light condition.

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