Galaxy M51 vs Realme 7 Pro vs OnePlus Nord camera comparison - the most expensive phone struggles!

A comparison we liked doing. In this video we examine the cameras inside the #GalaxyM51 to the #Realme7Pro and the #OnePlusNord. Find out which one comes out on high.


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Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh


Video Highlights

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Camera specs
01:08 Camera comparison begins
06:09 Video comparison begins
08:55 Indoor and low mild
11:24 Verdict

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By admin

23 thoughts on “Galaxy M51 vs Realme 7 Pro vs OnePlus Nord camera comparison – the most expensive phone struggles!”
  1. 3:53 okay so photos are meant to be technically accurate and not to be looked good from our eyes . NICE logic dude again biased review from Mr. (realme) phone

  2. This is not good reviews, you are many time metion everywhere realme name when pic not good still conveying that name I think this favouring video for realme , your friends alo in realme

  3. I really like the camera performance of the realme if you really know how to look at picture quality not just oversaturated colors this video is not biased the reviewer is just stating the fact based on the pictures

  4. Once a thief is always a thief even he may saying the truth! Thats the comment section represents…..
    But i agree all his judgement except dynamic rage from the main camera… he should do more test to judge that

  5. డిజిటల్ లావాదేవీలపై ఛార్జీలు ఎందుకు????

  6. Look's like they made this video to promote realme. Samsung M51 did best. I think it's best to enable watermark while doing comparison videos.

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