Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison!

Correction Note 20 Ultra has a 108MP sensor not 100MP (Sorry) (*20*) is my Samsung (*11*) Note 20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison! Think of this as my collection of (*11*) Note 20 Ultra Camera Review and (*11*) Note 20 Ultra Camera comparisons. My (*11*) Note 20 Ultra Review is arising very quickly and when you missed it try my Samsung (*11*) Note 20 Ultra Unboxing and Camera Test. Apple vs Samsung who wins in 2020?

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38 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison!”
  1. Hi what processor did your Note 20 Ultra have? Some regions have exynos and some have snapdragon and exynos image processing is different from Snapdragon versions!

  2. I have a note 20 and often the colours are over saturated. Night time artificial lights are just ridiculous with 64 mp of the basic note 20, you remove the 64 mp and colours of artificial lights are 1000000 times better

  3. To me, the iPhone 11 looks more natural and close to reality. The Note 20 looks more artificial, but also more eye-popping and alive/dynamic.

    I think I have a preference for the Note 20 Ultra overall, but I would be absolutely happy with the iPhone 11 cameras too.

  4. Both amazing in they own way, I prefer the iPhone I love my 11 pro max but you can’t go wrong with either both have strong and weak points

  5. The Note Ultra just looks way too good!! Looks more organic, i feel the apple pics etc just look touched up to create the illusion of good photos an vids, more software driven.
    I do have to disagree with your red comparison, especially with the coca cola sign. The iphone just looks way too CGI for my liking, it just looks fake.
    I think Samsung has more optical capabilities than the IPhone, while Apple relies too heavily on software rendition technology.
    This is proven on the zoom comparisons. The IPhone just looses out way too much when zooming in on software, while Samsungs optical power remains strong

  6. Samsung has a smoothing setting that is part of the auto settings, this needs to be disabled to capture all of the fine details in shots. part 3:00 in video would look different if this had of been done.
    I don't know why Samsung thinks this is a good thing to have in the auto settings

  7. 9:20 who cares how big the notes sensor is…it cant handle that bright sign. Its blinding when compared to the iphone.

  8. There’s just a little thing that i hate on Samsung.. when you’re filming and the camera shakes randomly kinda distorted the video.. it’s so weird

  9. The comparisons were really good. Can you upload a video where you compare the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs the Galaxy Note 20 vs the Galaxy S20 Ultra

  10. They do be going back and forth. I liked the brighter picture everytime. But I'd take samsung for that zoom and stabilization.

  11. I love how he provide points for both iPhone and Samsung. Very precise and no bias. Hope to see more of this comparison with other devices. I need to sub

  12. He’s one of the few who is upfront about shortcomings but doesn’t just outright make the case because of said shortcomings and need for improvement that whatever it is he’s testing is inferior and just “get an iPhone.” Appreciated.

  13. Your videos are great. I have been following your videos for a very long time. Always felt you deserve more recognition. Now writing this comment after watching a video by Michael fisher (Mr. Mobile).
    All the best.

  14. I've had the note 20 ultra for about a week now. Might return it because the photos are so overexposed when taking pictures with high contrast with natural daylight.

  15. Quick question…how was the focusing delay in the Live Focus feature? And the motion blur that I get with the Galaxy Note 9 in the Live Focus Feature? I am thinking of going with Apple 12 for this reason. Do you have any thoughts on that?

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