Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6s Plus

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40 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6s Plus”
  1. well the time tell us that the iPhone 6S plus still rocking the latest iOS with no lag issue & galaxy note 5 is dissappear from the market

  2. If you say iphone is better
    You believe too much in rumers
    Dont rely on what other people have to dag and go make your own research

  3. Android users think they are like the cure to cancer lmao, and iphone users think they are richer just cuz they bought a $1000 phone. Use whatever phone you want. Who cares which one is faster or bigger. As long as I can play temple run and make simple phonecalls and browse internet pretty fast, that's all I need.

  4. Well in case you are bored with android system, back up all your files and install IOS on your note 5, still savage all the way.

  5. Nearly 2 years later, iPhone 6s+ is still smooth and has the latest iOS update and probably will get at least 2 more updates.. Can't say the same for Samsung's Note 5

  6. I still don't understand why some people flip out about how fast the finger print scanner is. Just press the home button with a finger not used with the scanner. Literally solves the problem.

  7. let's face it. iphone is trash!!! they are losing the smartphone race. Samsung has it! with all their beautiful features and great other stuff. then you have the pixel. iphone soon will be a thing of the past. it so boring,bland, lame. team Samsung bitches!!!

  8. i can remove annoying youtube ads with android xposed thats enough for me to choose android and s pen for choosing note 5

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