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  1. Finally, about time I had to go through around 10 other useless reviews that don't talk about the very specific details I needed when comparing the two of these phones in which I'm comparing to use right now.

  2. U idiot, that aint bug, those messages are not enghout long for that, u can still read without air view… u smartie…

  3. Personally I would choose the S4 but nowadays you can pick up a Note 2 reasonably inexpensive for the amount of specs of a 2 year old device.

  4. I have a note 2 unlocked for all carriers it's a beats of a phone and it's true once you go big 5.5 inch screen the s4 just feels to small to use watch videos. .my choice the note2 ..

  5. I had to chosen between those devices and finally I bought note because of the battary, bigger size and the excellent picture editor..the s pen!!!

  6. Very good review :), I should totally think about buying one of these…, I want to know the battery life difference, if note 2 will run 20%  more battery life… I would go for note 2.

  7. I've goz a note 2 and im selling it so i can buy an s4. The note is a great device but i eant something a little smaller. And the s4 has got my name on it

  8. I was a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 and S3 user and decided to upgrade between the two. I tried both devices and decided to go and buy the Note 2.  

  9. I m getting a phone but i dont know if i should buy the note 2 or s4 octa core , octa core because i m an indian ..!! Tell me what to buy the octa core has 1.6 and 1.2 quad cores which it switches between so i guess both have same processing power am i right ?!

  10. question here: does the s4 has the slow motion video? do all galaxy s4 have it or it is an addon of some s4. thanks and great video!

  11. i dont get it pocketnow who made this video you wrote s4 vs note 2 and you dont even say whats better????????????

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