Galaxy S 5 vs iPhone 5s | Pocketnow

Watch our video comparability of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 vs the Apple iPhone 5s, as a part of our MWC 2014 protection.


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Galaxy S 5 vs iPhone 5s | Pocketnow


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29 thoughts on “Galaxy S 5 vs iPhone 5s | Pocketnow”
  1. I'm going to buy a new phone and I can't decide witch one should I choose, the Samsung galaxy s5 or the iPhone 5s. I already have an iPad mini retina display and a Samsung galaxy S3 as my daily phone.
    I'm going to use it for gaming, social media and photos.
    and for last, both of those are going to last more in battery life than my s3???

  2. I like how they are saying the phone doesn't have a heart rate sensor but u can actually get free heart rate sensor app on the iphone

  3. Androids don't let you customize them enough. they need to copy iphone (like they always do) and be more open to change. and also they need to have a bigger better screen, like apple.  :/

  4. he wasn't swiping his finger the right way. he might as well have tried an eye scanner with his eye closed. But this gave off some bias vibes anyway.

  5. I had gs2,gs3,gs4,note 2 and lg g2 and ip 5s ill admit ip5s screen is to small power consumption rapes them all.Gs4 rapes ip5s screen no doubt not to mention loading times much much better esp gaming
    Galaxy plastic better than lg plastic but still not fantastic compared to ip

  6. Android is making phone bigger and bigger each time.. later people are going to be all pathetic looking with big screen devices I'll probably switch to iPhone

  7. Android is making phone bigger and bigger each time.. later people are going to be all pathetic looking with big screen devices I'll probably switch to iPhone

  8. I love how he says the S5 is looking like the iphone when you swipe down and get the tool bar at the top. That's been an android function for a long time. Apple adopted it from android for its iphones. I love how apple fans put down everything android and then when they copy it they claim it like they had it first

  9. Bro, did you even use the same finger you scanned? You used your right thumb for the 5s, and your left thumb for the s5. I'm just assuming you registered your right thumb if you maybe had both hands free at the time of setting it up. Both thumb prints are different. Most videos I see of the s5 have the finger scanner work perfectly. 

  10. lols so funny when S5 need to swipe thumb so many times n lastly the result shown error, so FAILED !!! compared to 5S just put thumb once & gently on touch id button & its quickly approved within a second ! is that necessary for check ur heart beat for every single minutes even u r not the one who practice a healthy lifestyle before ? perhaps its make ur battery run out quickly, however the S5 still look cheap & again for 5th generation of galaxy, they still won the best plastic phone ever…..

  11. iPhone is the best there is. I've owned every Samsung high end smartphone. Many of hTC's high end smartphone's. The latest Windows and Blackberry phones. Gave iPhone a shot, FINALLY. It's the best for a reason. Many reasons. It's not just a name. They have a product worth it's price tag, inside and outside. Period.

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