Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus are each the highest from their respective producers. I present you a fast overview of how they stack up and assist you determine on which one to purchase. Let us know which one you’d purchase within the feedback under.

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24 thoughts on “Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus”
  1. i am very much confuse in buying between Iphone6plus & Samsung galaxy s6edge? Which one is better option. please help

  2. I am having a iphone 6 plus it has no problem but all of my friends having a samsung phone so I'm planning to buy a samsung phone
    Buy I can't decide which one
    S6 edge or S6 edge plus or i shoukd keep my iphone 6plus
    Help me!!!!!

  3. How does the s6 edge battery life compare to the 6+? I find the 6+ battery to be outstanding. Just wondered if it was similar

  4. That iPhone looks horrible compared to the high tech Samsung. Look at those huge bezels. It's not like the iPhone has a lot under the hood. What are those bezels for. Looks as bad as the iPhone 4.

  5. fingerprint scanners are bad they can be hacked so what's the point Apple can keep that cappy technology I will stick to what works a password or pin number.

  6. Iphone 6 plus, because I made the mistake of getting a Samsung Galaxy s5 and it did not last as long as my iPhone 4 and I absolutely hate this phone. Luckily, I can upgrade. So I'm switching back to an iPhone. Plus Samsung phones tend to slow the fuck down after a year or so regardless of parts… Not to mention tons and tons of bloat ware and these phones use up your memory like it's nothing. I'd rather have an idea iPhone.

  7. Aaron shows a lot of IPhone things and is an IPhone user so yes he is going to look at IPhone in a light for IPhone users. If you want to look at Samsung or Android people look at Marques Brownlee or Cnet

  8. The only good thing about Iphones in general is their marketing department. Other than that they have little to offer compared to other devices. Iphones overheat and are not that good at multitasking. Last but not least comes the absolutely rediculous hardware- you are basically buying a phone with 2011-2012 technology invested in it. The only difference is that it has been optimized a bit.

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