Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: Quick Comparison

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29 thoughts on “Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: Quick Comparison”
  1. Why can't people have a friendly debate without name calling? Yes, the S6 looks a lot like the iPhone. Come on Samsung users.  Really? I think what put Samsung in a sad space is They made commercials saying '' let's be different " And they clearly copied their competitor!! And I have had both devices. The sad part is Apple only made one phone to compete with. If Samsung feel they are superior to Apple. Why make multiple phones to take over a market?  

  2. I was honestly set to get the S6 and was so excited when it was released but when i read that there was no expandable storage i was appalled. Its as if Samsung has taken a major step back and their new phones, in my opinion really dont seem to offer anything new except a maybe improved screen and camera. I've always like the iPhone 6 and now with Samsung's disappointing new release it is probably what i will upgrade to. I dont intend this to be a comparison or which brand is better i just felt like sharing my opinion 🙂

  3. I don't understand Samsung anymore. I mean I thought Samsung was suppose to be the different alternative to iPhone. The cooler more innovative choice between the major phones. Now its just a mix between the old iPhone 4 and 6 combined. Originality eliminated completely. Who would seriously want this crap now? At least the notes are ok still. But now every phone is big in size.
    So idk man. Just a big let down for me this year with Samsung.

  4. Now that I think about it Samsung could of copied the back from the Sony experia or however you spell it

  5. Its a nice phone, I currently own the Note 4… but to be honest. Id stick with the iphone 6 (or 6s when it comes out) over the S6 only because they had years to get their shit together with their design. Samsungs trying new things (which is a good thing) but this seems like an android iphone… plus part of the reason why I went for the note 4 over the iphone 6 plus was the removable battery and now we cant do that with new samsung devices. I applaud samsung for removing the plastic and adding metal. The phone looks great but idk, seems like they're saying "oh, iphone really did have the best design… lets copy them). I think its best to wait it out and let other people be the guinea pigs by testing the device before actually buying it yourself. 

  6. So funny to see Samsung use this strategy, its the same strategy that sunk blackberry.  This being, copying more successful competitors rather than capitalizing on your own strengths.  Samsung just got rid of the two things that made it important to many people.  Now its left with horrible battery life and no expandability. 

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