Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s - Fingerprint Scanner Speed Test

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41 thoughts on “Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s – Fingerprint Scanner Speed Test”
  1. Well as long as it works and isn't "crap" like sooo many people have been saying about the S7. I've seen complaints about the speaker quality to smh

  2. For you kind information you have always on display on in the s7 that takes a extra press to go to the lock screen but there is no such mode in the ip 6s + ,iif u press home button once it can sense ur fingerprint because it is already in lock screen so u cant say that the s7 didnt unlock in the first comparison but love ur vids

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  4. s7 edge scanner is a total garbage. and to add to the frustation it locks the phone if u try too many times.
    same thumb, same phone, just randomly stops recognizing.

  5. how you unlock ur s7 without push the power button . bcuz my s7 don't unlock when screen is on always on . or off . pls tell me

  6. What makes the iphone slower is the animation of it. The iPhone still has a good animation. Even tho the s7 is faster, the animation is like nothing! And sometimes it doesn't work! Apple wins!

  7. I'm quite sure that the fact that the S7 didn't log in on the first one is a feature of android. It's at least seems to be present in every android phone with a finger print scanner I've tried. You can just wake it up by touching it. It's a feature that can be turned off.

  8. But if I unlock my phone 50 times a day for the next two years that difference in wake time will cost me at least a couple minutes

  9. the android os looks cheaply made, probably designed by the many kids in their sweatshops making little to no money. sad really

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