Galaxy S8 (2017) vs. iPhone 6S (2015) Speed Test

Speed take a look at between the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 6S to see which smartphone is quicker.

Tech21 vs. Otterbox Drop Test:


Galaxy S8: Exynos 8895 + 4 GB RAM
iPhone 6S: Apple A9 + 2 GB RAM

Music by The Beat Smiths:



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Galaxy S8 (2017) vs. iPhone 6S (2015) Speed Test


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33 thoughts on “Galaxy S8 (2017) vs. iPhone 6S (2015) Speed Test”
  1. And it’s going to be updated to iOS 14…….5ears after launch. Samsung can’t even upgrade 1 year old (or less) flagship phones. Samsung is garbage.

  2. Can all you android sheep come back to me when an android that is two generations older than an iPhone can beat the iPhone.

  3. I have s8 and Iphone 6s so I am not fanboy of one of them I just enjoy both of them, but why are you pressing so fast on samsung and so slow on iphone?

  4. iPhone users remember this
    The iPhone is in a 768x 1268 screen resolution and the s8 has a 1440x 2960 screen resolution and much larger screen, put the s8 in the same resolution and it will annihilate the iPhone shit

  5. I went from the 6s to the S8 and now back with the 6s (ios13). Apples software optimization has been amazing and I’m glad to be back with iPhone.

  6. Ok i can clearly see that apps on s8 was oppened firat time after download bcz on iphone u can see welcome back from gamecentre but s8 there is no welcome back google play. Thats why it came slow

  7. i have iphone 6s in 2019 and is a good phone and is really good at games and internet .

    the only downside is that the battery runs out very quickly

  8. I used to factory reset my android phones every 4 months because they would get so slow. Since I got my iPhone 7 two years ago, I haven't done anything to it and it's still so fast.

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