Galaxy S8 Plus vs LG G6! - Speed Test

Hi there, welcome to this Galaxy S8 Plus vs LG G6 Speed Test Comparison video. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is provided with a 6.2 inch Super Amoled 2K display screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 cpu, and 4GB of ram. he LG G6 has a 5.7 inch 2K Display with 4GB of ram and a snapdragon 821 processor. Which is the gadget for you? Share your ideas and your suggestions down beneath within the remark part of this video and as all the time thanks for watching, a lot appreciation and gratitude 🙂


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45 thoughts on “Galaxy S8 Plus vs LG G6! – Speed Test”
  1. I use iPhone I dnt like android jus because dey r not as optimised as ios late updates laggyness after years . But d lg g6 m falling in love ds beast

  2. All about optimisation which Samaung can't seem to do. What good is the latest processor when the phone can't make use of it.

  3. In the Everything Apple Pro's speed test the S8 smoked the G6. I dont even care about the ram management because I only leave like 2 or 3 apps open in the backgroumd

  4. S8 interface has a terrible stutters. I can't believe even after so many years Samsung is still unable to fix its user interface to make it working smooth and without any stutters.

  5. i m using lg g6 and i m in love with it the phone feels sturdy and the interface is smooth like butter camera performance is good s8 looks good but as i m not a fan of curved screen plus it has same camera of s7 which i have

  6. 6:18 lol how you ignore that the G6 loaded Yahoo first, don't open the LG website (or Apple if you like) and give Samsung the credit 😀

  7. People who are blaming the Snapdragon should blame SAMSUNG for not optimizing their software for the hardware..!

  8. when comes to cam, LG are the king of that here and not sam. Sam cam is great but LG have to get the crown

  9. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is now on the channel:

  10. Some things needs extended used to know were they work better. In my experience loading the app/game/web page first doesn't translate to more reliable top performance. Some times the web page open fast but then after extended used and multi tabing thing get slowed down or buggy or needs to reload tabs. Do to the ram management, something Samsung has never been too good at. LG is a lot better at it. I am a bit paranoid because of the dying after a year thing for some phones. But LG takes this performance test. Might try to get an LG myself.

  11. LGtards celebrating G6 as the victorious phone even when the S8 was beating G6 lol. Sure multitasking was a weaker point with the S8 but the exynos variant is as good as iPhones in multitasking.

  12. Why dident you load up dead trigger? This might have forced the G6 also to reload the apps.
    Was the S8 in performance mode or optimised mode?

  13. The Galaxy S8 boots up faster than the iphones aswell, only the S8 which have to load a carrier logo aswell are slightly slower, but compare the bootup of a unlocked S8 with no carrier bootup logo with an iphone 7.

  14. which android flagship would you recommend for someone who is looking to switch to android? I currently have the iPhone 7 Plus, which is an awesome phone, but I think I'm getting bored of iOS and I'd like to switch it up, but I want an android phone that is just as reliable as my iPhone.
    i might be trading my iphone for an andriod next year possibly, always been partial to the way LG phones look, but i also really liked the note 7 and sadly never got to use one, I think I would probably like the note 8 too. suggestions?

  15. Two good phones.
    Most people, me included, don't really care about 1/10 of a second differences.
    Linus review of S8 battery fluctuations didn't impress me much.
    One has rounded (?) screen, the other has it skewed.
    Personally, I prefer LG's screen colors. That phone's screen looks a bit more realistic, versus samsung animation video colors, in comparison.

    Still waiting for something more realistic guys.

  16. Officially the worst S8. No optimisation. All apps are slower on S835 than S821 which is lol. Even S7 edge keeps all apps in background after nougat update and probably faster than S7. Apps need to be updated for S835.

  17. Officially the worst S8. No optimisation. All apps are slower on S835 than S821 which is lol. Even S7 edge keeps all apps in background after nougat update and probably faster than S7. Apps need to be updated for S835.

  18. wow ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )
    I did not expect G6 to actually outperform S8… S8 does look better and that will draw more attention, but I'm impressed by G6 🙂
    those who want the exynos version should just shut a hell up because already G6 is beating S8 with an older chip, so no excuses needed, samsung needs to do a better job…

  19. g6 is a killer bruh!! and the Samsung fan boys are sick lol. I like both devices for different reasons but stuck with g6 as daily device

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