Galaxy S8 / S8 + Mini "Review" - Should You Buy It?

Galaxy S8 Skins from
My ideas on one of the best smartphones from Samsung!

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Fili – Daydream

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44 thoughts on “Galaxy S8 / S8 + Mini "Review" – Should You Buy It?”
  1. PPI numbers are switched. Fantastic hardware on these phones. Gonna try to run one with nova launcher. Who's getting one of these?!

  2. great video . Hellooo!!! look this amazing offer IS %50 OFF take now

  3. hey Dave , did u know that u can customize Bixby? with just one voice command ?..I can do a lot of stuff 4 u?  especially f u live in a smart home and a smart car?

  4. Traded in my iPhone 6s plus for an S8 because I was disappointed with the iPhone 7, and haven't looked back since 🙂 I'm looking at getting the Pixel XL 2 next.

  5. Man , your voice is so pleasing to listen. It's so soft and persuasive.
    Wait a minute … Yeah , I sounded so gay 🙁

  6. Hey Dave quick question, I've never used android before, have always been an apple fan and I decided to go ahead and try out android. Do you think this would be a good phone since I've never used android before, because you mentioned that if people were a fan of the S6 and the S7 they would love this phone but if i'm switching from an iPhone 7+ you think this would be a good fit?

  7. Been watching your reviews for a short while now Dave,and whlst I wont always agree with you,your reviews are clear and too the point

  8. I like how u few times showed good memes and like h3h3 vid + the way u talk,what u review and the aesthetics and relaxing atmosphere in ur videos makes them super enjoyable and nice to watch

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