Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs iPad mini with Retina display | Pocketnow

Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs iPad mini with Retina display | Pocketnow

Apple is main in world pill market share, however can Samsung’s newest lineup take from the likes of the pill king? We have the brand new Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 available and put it to the check in opposition to Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display. Watch to see which one comes out on prime!


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Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs iPad mini with Retina display | Pocketnow


42 thoughts on “Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs iPad mini with Retina display | Pocketnow

  1. I just bought the “Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4” today in 2020 specifically because of that 359 PPI Super Clear LCD screen. I was also looking at the “Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4” which has an OLED with the same 359 PPI but all that I saw for sail has burn in on the screens which is a definite no go for me. I know that OLED is brighter it’s completely dark blacks sense the OLED literally turns off pixels for black but burn in is definitely a problem especially with older OLED screens from previous generation devices. I’ve used the “Samsung Tab Pro 12.2” which also has the super clear LCD but a lower PPI due to the larger size of the tablet. The thing I liked a lot it was that the screen was always super bright and pretty easy to see in sunlight as well. So having that with an even more dense 359 PPI seems even better to me. I also just don’t mind having an older tablet especially sense the “Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4” seems to have better specs than my current 2020 “Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus ” tablet. It’s kinda crazy to thing that a premium tablet from 2014 still has better specs than a tablet from 2020 of course I do mean the “Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus” which is a mostly budget tablet. I wonder how good the battery life will be on my “Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4” in 2020 both before and after I replace the battery.

  2. The tab is decent I only like the split screen… Which iOS 9 will have but mostly iOS 10 but the iPad mini is better, more better apps, beautiful design, thin, very fast and smooth and can handle the high end graphics like its butter. . .

  3. I have the Galaxy Pro 8.4. It is a gorgeous tablet but I do think the Mini form / shape ( 4:3 ) is a lot more convenient to hold and type. For the Galaxy it is very hard to type – when you are in portrait mode it is too narrowed when you are in landscape it is too wide. I had Acer 810 before that and it was similar to the size of the Mini and it was almost perfect to surf / type / read … 

  4. I am glad I came across this video. I need your opinion for a budget tablet probably between $150 and $200, but you can suggest a tablet up to $250. At first, I narrowed down to the Tab Pro 8.4 because of it's spec. But I have been hearing that it has bad reviews, which led me to pick the Tab 4. 

  5. I have a galaxy tab 3 but it is almost a year old. And it's getting kinda slow… and I really wanna get an apple product to see if I like it better. I have never had any kind of apple products so I think it would be cool to try out one. I would love an ipad air but there too exspensive. So I wanna get an ipad mini. And costco has some for a pretty good price. So this video helped alot. I kinda saw more of what the ipad mini can do. I'm 13 by the way if you wanted to know lol.

  6. I have both machines amd they both jave their pros and cons.
    The tab pro has a amazing camera, for a tablet. It's the best 8mp camera I've ever used. It's much better than the original Galaxy Note's, and or the Mega 6.3's 8mp cameras, for example, and by a long shot. And it has an excellent FLASH.

    One wouldn't think a camera on a tablet would matter that much, however I've purchased a $5 tripod adapter and now use the tab pro as a camera a lot, which is a superb experience IMH. The flash doubles as a video recording light too, and a very effective one.

    Again, I'm not saying a camera should be the selling point of a tablet, but given the quality of the camera on the Tab Pro, it's definitely worth mentioning. As odd as it may be I now use the tab pro as my main camera at home and it's just absolutely amazing to use the relatively huge and pixel dense screen as a viewfinder! Again, with the handy tripod adapter ($5 online).

    The iSight 5mp on the Ipad is decent-ish, but that's it, and it has no flash to speak of.

  7. I own both and frankly speaking the limitations apple imposes over there product is insane
    Android on the other hand is much more flexible and easy to use
    Just plug it in copy your favourite movie or Ebook or music and you are good to go
    The ipad is a pain in these aspects. Itunes is one of the worst syncing softwares out there
    Yeah the build quality is better but once i put a cover on it they both feel the same
    But its the ease and flexibility that the droid offers which makes it worth the money

  8. Ok, I didn't finish watching the vid just because of this guys rant of Samsung's settings being the same one thng but the FACT is the Apple's whole OS is the "Same ole thing". This review was whack.

  9. The description says "Apple is leading in the global market share" but anyone that's been keeping track knows this is not true AT ALL. Samsung has been murdering Apple everywhere.

  10. Here's my input guys. I'm a die-hard android fan when it comes to phones. Android wrecks apple with phones. Apple's tablet game is unbeatable though. I would not want an android phone and tablet. Android tablets are practically the EXACT same thing without calling. I like to mix it up. I bought an iPad mini 3 and I love it. Everyone needs a new flavor in their life.

  11. In all honesty, I feel if I have an android OS Phone I simply CANNOT have an android powered Tablet. I had the Iphone 4 when it first came out for Verizon and not even a year later I though getting the Ipad when it first came was going to be a good idea. It wasn't solely on the fact that they were the same thing just different sizes. So I got rid of my Ipad based on that fact. I then switched from Apple to android by going to the Galaxy Note 2 , being so used to Apples music layout I feel that it could have been improved on the galaxy but the fact that I could customize my phone the way I wanted to made up for it. So being present year I now have the LG G3 which is amazing, I had gotten another tablet, which happened to be the Tab pro 8.4 Loved it at first but after extensive use of it and going back and forth from my phone to the tablet i realized again it was the same thing both Android (obviously). I returned it. Now I only returned it based off of that fact, the tab itself was AWESOME there was nothing wrong with it at all I just don't like the idea of having both an android tab and phone. I personally like separate OS experiences but that's just me. I now have an Ipad Mini 2 32gb. I love both OS's and what they have to offer.

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