Google Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Comparison

In this video I do one other digicam comparability, this time, I check the Note 8 vs Pixel 2 XL head-to-head. I check the cameras in numerous lighting situations with all the things set to automated and to their highest high quality settings. I additionally check their video high quality, picture stabilization, and microphones.

What ought to I examine the brand new Google Pixel 2 XL to subsequent? The iPhone 8 Plus? The iPhone X? Maybe even the LG V30?
Let me know.

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42 thoughts on “Google Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Comparison”
  1. Guys use gcan app for portrait pictures on samsung phones, it's way better than the stock camera app, note 8 wins this when you have gcam

  2. I own Samsung Galaxy note 8 but I always Take Photos in Night and Portrait Shots So Should I Switch to Pixel 2 XL ???

  3. Note 8 front facing video stabilization is better and you didn't mention it after comparing both . Pls note that

  4. what's wrong with pixel video ?? photos look great but video is shit , i noticed that in other videos too

  5. I'm not a techie Got the Note 8 kept fading out calls found out that was a problem other users were having . Got the PIXEL 2 XL took it on a trip to Costa Rica took the best picture and video of anyone the trip Pixel 2XL has problems sending group texts; an adapter is needed for head phone; the calculator does NOT have decimal point . I had to download one from Googe Play The Pixel2XL has bright clown colors programs and downloading pictures is hassle and half .Recorded a lecture by an MD the quality was the worst I have ever heard and I was seated in the front row! I wonder if this is even real Pixel2xl because my old phone with a keyboard was a better phone . I just want a phone that excels at the basics , simple and clean professional adult looking programs . Next phone is a pure android Essential I now wish I would of kept the NOTE 8

  6. Both phones are good enough for now about camera n it also depends on how we take a photo note 8 also is good in the perfect shot n may b pixel can take much more photo… You are taking about camera pixel might b better but not at all…. But i still prefer the note 8… The note8 does a very great job on doing anything n functioning thumbs up for the Samsung galaxy note8

  7. in low light, Samsung is still a king, and the video from Samsung is not worse. And the rest is about the same…

  8. Which version of the Note 8 is this? Snapdragon or exynos? They actually have different camera sensors and the Sony sensor in the snapdragon version is noticeably better than samsungs sensors in the exynos.

    Also, something seems off with the Note 8 portrait pic.. I have the Note and its never taken a pic that blurry.

  9. I don't need the crispiest camera in the business all in all Samsung's all in all device is better than the pixel but this Comparison was clearly for Pixel for it's camera is top notch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i am so unhappy with the camera of iphone x. even the g6 makes better pictures. I want a new phone with a great camera, likely when its lowlight (night) or indoor, too. but seems like even the best phones can bring me satisfaction. what in your opinion is the phone with the best camera (not even this two)

  11. To make every fanboy happy-
    Pixel 2 (XL): Best Camera (Pictures)
    iPhone X: Best Videos (4k 60 FPS)
    One Plus 5T: Best Overall Value / Quickest charge
    Note 8: Best screen / Best water resistance (IP68)
    LG V30: Best AUX Audio Quality
    Razer Phone: Best External Speakers / Best battery life
    Mi Mix: Best screen/bezel ratio
    HTC U11: Best Brick

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