Google Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE vs Samsung Galaxy A71 Camera Comparison Test!

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36 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE vs Samsung Galaxy A71 Camera Comparison Test!”
  1. I am going for Pixel 4a 5G. Pixel 4a was almost perfect for me but Ultrawide is must for me. So going for Pixel 4a 5G. But don’t know whether it will come to India. If not then S10e would be my pick. A71 nightmode is not good because of inferior processor compared to S10e.

  2. In my personal opinion, the 4a wins, because all of the problems with the photos can be fixed in post within 30 seconds. The a71 takes less sharp images, which can't be corrected in software, the SE takes bad night mode which also can't be fixed in software, the 4a isn't always the most vibrant, but it's true to real life which makes photos easier to edit/correct in post to look more vibrant, and it has a great night mode and superb edge detection. Therefore, the 4a wins.

  3. The iPhone SE camera and video quality won’t matter after a few months of owning it. Because you’ll be blind after squinting all day at that tiny crappy screen.

  4. Overall conclusion is
    If u are from South Asia Samsung A71 is the best value for money.
    Apple and Google prices are nearly double the actual prices here

  5. I really think the pixel line is underrated ,when someone talk about pixel they said it's only for the camera. really like what about robot call screening, it's transcribe voice recorder, Emergency sharing is a feature if you feel unsafe at night you put a timer at the approximate time you gonna get where you going, if you don't say you okay after it's done it will share it with your friends and call 911. It can detect Car crash and call 911 and the assistant will talk for you if you unable to talk, Those are life saving features. Like Common the pixel deserve more respect

  6. thank you for the video, it was really helpful

    pixel is the clear winner imo, but it's not available in my country 🙁 and since buying the Pixel 3 in america the lack of support/repair centers where i actually live has been a problem

    going with the a71 next

  7. The truth is no matter how natural the picture gets from that phone some of you all still edit it and add some filters before posting it online… so…just saying… does it really matter..?

  8. I wish that instagram could work the same way in pictures as iphones, it only works with this brand properly…

  9. I will say, the A71 ended up with much better shots than I expected. I'm definitely impressed. In some shots the SE and the A71 looked almost identical, especially in dimmer (but not quite dark) lighting conditions. My only issue with the A71 is how it overly softens faces, as a lot of the pictures I take on my phone are of friends and family and I'd prefer the pictures stay more accurate to what they actually look like.

    Overall I think I like 4a the most. There were some shots where I preferred one of the other two, but for the most part I ended up liking 4a pictures more times than I did with the others. None of them have bad cameras, which is not something I actually thought would be my conclusion heading into the video. Great job as always, glad I'm subscribed

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