Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge vs OnePlus 3 - Battery Drain Speed Test!

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Any concept which smartphone gives one of the best battery backup? iPhone 7, Google Pixel, Galaxy S7 Edge and OnePlus 3 are probably the most fascinating flagships of 2016, so which one lasts longer? This battery discharge velocity check will reply your query!

This video is a observe-as much as my earlier add: (*7*) Charging Speed Test-
This time I’ve added Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! Hope you just like the overview.

S7 Edge packs an enormous 3600 mAh battery which actually helps the telephone to supply superb battery backup. The upcoming OnePlus 3T is getting a much bigger 3400 mAh battery, so the poor battery efficiency of the present OnePlus 3 shall be mitigated I believe. iPhone 7 costs the battery fairly sluggish however the discharge velocity is the very best! Google Pixel total gives respectable battery efficiency.

Thanks for watching. Hope you appreciated it! (*3*) and keep in contact.

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17 thoughts on “Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge vs OnePlus 3 – Battery Drain Speed Test!”
  1. The test is unfair. Could have used pixel xl not the smaller pixel. Xl have bigger battery and they used edge variant of Samsung galaxy which has bigger then the normal s7. So very unfair and just favouring the Samsung .

  2. Are you facking kidding me???? Of course iPhone is colder because it turned off… omg, are you even serious?!?!?!

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