GoPro Hero 9 vs GoPro Hero 8 - Photo Shootout

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14 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 9 vs GoPro Hero 8 – Photo Shootout”
  1. Mas será que vale sair da Hero 8 para Hero9 ……mais bateria, tela frontal e hypersmooth melhorado ?…será…

  2. A 12 megapixel sensor is always good.. even in mobile phone's a 12 MP camera still captures better then 108 mp camera

  3. As a landscape photographer who loves to pixel peep i can say that the Hero 9 has better clarity but just by a little. I believe gopro dropped the ball hard on releasing this gopro waaay too early without fixing the bugs first. Only thing good about the hero 9 is the extended battery life and improved hypersmooth 3 and thats it. Once the new firmware kicks in we will see if the money people spent on this gopro will be worth it or just wait until gopro releases the hero 10 with a 1inch sensor.

  4. Which gimbal are you using? Do you like it? I used to have an Axis Pro or something like that and I can't find any more online. The newer one I have now isn't as easy to use.

  5. Personally I think the pics taken by GoPro 9 have so much more details compare to the 8, with better contrast as well, especially when you zoom in to 400% you can see the noise level difference is huge between the two.

  6. I correlate the difference here to a craftsman who spends so much time looking at a piece of work that the tiniest detail becomes obvious. They move something that's 1mm out of place and say "that's better". Take a step back and the problem vanishes. I think the difference will be found in the build quality. Is it smaller, more sleek, more durable, etc?

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