Honor Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 (Comprehensive Comparison) - Which is Better?

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47 thoughts on “Honor Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 (Comprehensive Comparison) – Which is Better?”
  1. What about calories burnt
    Does it combine heart rate data to show how much calories i have burnt …..

  2. Hi i bought an Honor Band 3 but having an issue with the Sleep tracking and continues heart rate tracking is this bcos of the update?

  3. hey dude ,, i checking all Indian website for Honor Band 3 But i Couldn't find it to buy .. Please send my few website links where honor band 3 getting for ₹2799 r less then that … thank you

  4. i want to buy a fitness band to monitor my workout (I do cardio as well as weight training) sessions
    can you suggest me few options ?
    kindly reply

  5. Hi again, is the honor band 3 still available for sales in stores for Malaysia? And is the price the same in Malaysia as it is there?

  6. Hi, I have honor band 3 my first smartband i think is quite good, but could you tell me more about sleep monitor? I have only honor band so i don't have comparison but i saw few times it showed that i was asleep at. 00:40 but at 00:50 i was watching on band which hour is because i wasn't sleep at all. How is accurate MiBand ? And what about naps? I have found that honor band track every nap which is good, but also i think it count sleeping time too early.
    I wrote to honor support but i dind't get any answer.

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