Honor Note 10 - 10 Days Later

Honor Note 10 – 10 days later replace. Fixed notifications not coming via, 4k & EIS 1080p on entrance digital camera and opinion after 10 days as my principal telephone. Where to purchase:

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39 thoughts on “Honor Note 10 – 10 Days Later”
  1. I have one for sale brand new in the box. With Google certified playstore installed on it.
    Not one person has asked about it here in USA. Cannot give it away. Also have the Mate 20 X and Mi Max 3 for sale.

  2. I have this phone, and apart from WhatsApp, twitter, I don't get notifications from any other social media and also YouTube

    so annoying

  3. They must be doing sth good or wrong in USA cause honor note 10 had/has the same price as mi max 3 on 6GB versions in ROW…

  4. The best "tablet" to play. The best relation measurements – big screen, to play hours and hours … I had onda 10.1" and lenovo tab4 8" tablets, and they were much more biggers and heaviliers. If you want to play confortable, it is your "tablet". In adition, my first phone is a op 6t (a beast), but i prefer play in the HN10.
    Regards and good video.

  5. this phone has an issue with the microphone, it's really bad and with low volume, anybody know if there some fix through upgrade??? or is it definitely a hardware failure??

  6. What exactly did you change in settings to get your notifications. I myself have this issue. I know you said it has something to do with battery saver settings but what should I change?

  7. What difference between phones and tablets are how it's meassured. Phones are top to bottom and tablets are corner to corner. I think? I'm having pocket issues with my sweatshirt. I have to put it in more baggy clothing

  8. I have issues with the gestures in the Xiaomi and Swype type keyboards, the need to disable gestures in the lower part of the screen is the keyboard is open

  9. Hello.. i hope someone can answer my questions.

    Does the phone supports 4G LTE for Saudi Arabia and Philippines? If not, if the phone was connected to 4G router does it affect the connectivity from the phone? I mean does it drops the connection of 4G lte from the router??

  10. Pocophone and Note 10 don't have U. S. Bands smh pocophone is crao though. I'll get the mi max 3 and the mi 8 lite

  11. In which countries is it available? I'm from Poland and here we've already had Mi Max 3, yet Honor Note 10 is nowhere to be seen

  12. Is it much better than the Mate10 Alp29?
    Are the Mi Max 3s transfer Soc speeds a lot slower? I transfer a lot of video to my phone. I use my phone as a PC a lot on HDMI sadly the the max 3 doesn't hqve this.
    I want a phone that I can run custom rom on minus G00gle.
    Are the screen edges flat will it be hard finding a screen protector?

  13. I'm in the US and this is the nicest phone I've ever had. Far nicer then the Samsungs I've had. The only downside I see so far is that it will not allow Google pay to work. I like to use my phone to pay at stores. If there is a way to over come that please tell me how.

  14. hello, great video.
    I would like to ask you if you have had problems when using the turbo gpu button. It only workd me with a 1 game (Last Day on Earth), and that I've tried with countless games.
    A greeting

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