Honor Play vs Iphone 7 Plus - Speed Test!! (4K)

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14 thoughts on “Honor Play vs Iphone 7 Plus – Speed Test!! (4K)”
  1. woah, i have an iphone but it’s incredible to see what other phones can do with being even cheaper

  2. Ive had my honor play for about almost a year now and my friend has his iphone 7 plus for over 2 years. At first my Honor play is smooth af and can play almost all games at 60fps samr with my friend's 7+. But these days I tend have frame drops even with mobile legends while his 7+ still retains a stable 60fps. That's when I realized that iOS optimization and longevity is insanee. (p.s. planning on getting the XR because of that optimization,longevity and chipset.)

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