How to Access Service Menu in Toshiba TV

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24 thoughts on “How to Access Service Menu in Toshiba TV”
  1. I have recently become deaf so I need my CC on my Toshiba regza. But every time I turn it on it shuts itself off. Any ideas or help? If I reset the tv will that fix the problem or what does resetting it accomplish?

  2. Can anyone help me i brought a tv last year flat screen Toshiba brand had cable since then so today i go to auto program my tv it ask for a password i never had made one so i enter 0000 four times now it say retail lock and wont do anything please help if you know what to do

  3. Thank you very much
    It works successfully for me
    My television had a double color
    And by your explanation it has been successfully repaired

  4. my Toshiba is stuck on Initial Setup language and I have tried everything to fix the problem can someone help me

  5. So what service menu can do?  convergence? That is not on regular menu on mine. I need that. Any idea? Thank you!

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