How to Add Alias to Gmail (G Suite) - Receive & Send Emails Using Alias (ex.

Quickly find out how to add alias electronic mail addresses to your gmail g suite account with this tutorial. I take you thru every straightforward step so that you could BOTH obtain and ship emails from alias electronic mail addresses all throughout the identical gmail account!

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How to Add Alias to Gmail (G Suite) – Receive & Send Emails Using Alias:

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26 thoughts on “How to Add Alias to Gmail (G Suite) – Receive & Send Emails Using Alias (ex. [email protected])”
  1. This is interesting – I achieved exactly the same by logging into each mailbox, then 'Settings' (cog top right corner) then 'See all settings' > 'Accounts' tab and there you can add new email addresses in 'Send mail as:' section. Now, the question is why am I not seeing my added send as added email addresses in the panel you're showing here and what's the difference in adding them my or your way? I have been successfully using Apple Mail (very simple to add user domain alias emails in Mail > Preferences > {select_gmail_account} > Account Information tab then Email Addresses select drop down where you choose 'Edit Email Addresses…' to add new or remove existing email aliases). I'm confused now about differences in using these two settings places that don’t seem to be in sync? I'd obviosuly prefer to user your way rather than mine but let's say a user has made some changes and I can't see them does it mean I will overwrite his/her mailbox settings using central admin console?

  2. can two people have the same access to the same alias? i want to make an info email but I want it so my partner and I both have access and we both receive it at the same time etc

  3. The shortest and straight to the point video on this. You know what the people want i want to give you a hug. Some people are so amazing

  4. if each user use MUA like MS Outlook, then how to separate inbox or sent folder contents to each email alias? as if we have real email accounts, this is needed because one user email inbox is private to another.

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