How to organize your emails using Gmail labels

Our Google Workspace Pro Tips sequence is again! In this episode, Greg Wilson exhibits us how to create labels in Gmail for your essential contacts so that you don’t miss any of their emails.

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20 thoughts on “How to organize your emails using Gmail labels”
  1. Thank you!! Great video but those of you are struggling at the end the way I did. Not seeing it updated after going through the steps. Do this:
    Step 1 HIGHLIGHT the emails you want labels by checking the box next to it
    Step 2 Click the label picture (when you hover over it, it says label) across the top of the emails and bomb done.

    Hope I helped. and thanks for this quick easy guide video.

  2. How can your organize your email when it is a group email. I get many emails from a group that I'm in but it's hard for me to find the newest email from the group.

  3. If you could not find it via a search, you will not find it via labels. I have noticed that gmail misses in search quite often, especially in threads.

  4. Hi.
    Could I move the already received emails to the label I just made, so all the emails from that particular sender will be stored under the same label? How is it?

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