29 thoughts on “How to set up Gmail on your iPhone – XR, XS, 11, 11 Pro

  1. i'm on ISO14.0.1 and when I enter the password it tells me "couldn't send security code because we couldn't find an eligible device….. what is going on — none of the images are what I see on my iphone 11 Pro Max…. is there anything you have newer than Oct '19… as this is Oct'20?

  2. Didn't work for me ! Every time i tried to add my email account into my new smart phone but it keep asking me that my information is not right . So finally i contact Gmail + 1 . 8 8 8 ' 405 " 9 8 4 4 for helping me to fix my issue with my email issue . The reason i follow the steps because i check the good comments . Thanks anyways!!!

  3. Unfortunately in iOS 13 the mail app doesn't get notifications for GMail. I have to use the GMail app to know when I have new mail. IOS13 doesn't have push for google accounts, so the mail app only works on the fetch protocol with GMail accounts. sucks.

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