32 thoughts on “How To Setup a Business Email & Use It With Gmail For FREE

  1. Hey Greg this video was very helpful but I’m experiencing a problem when trying to process a domain email with google. I purchased my domain with go daddy on one side it’s asking me to transfer my subscription with google for 12 a year or if I want to pay 12 dollars a month for the service with out transferring. Just wanted to know if you could help me out with explaining it please and thank you

  2. I am not able to buy domains from Google since Google Domain is not supported in my country, what would you advice me to go with when it comes to an email business?

  3. Thanks for sharing your hardwork.

    for those facing "Authentication Failed" error, try generating an app-specific password from your original Gmail account that you are forwarding emails to, and use that password during setting up alias. you do not have to "allow less secure apps" for this to work. Just create app specific password and use that with port 465 using SSL.
    That worked for me.

  4. Hey! This was so helpful! I am getting an error to my email when adding additional aliases. The Error message states, "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)." Are you aware how to fix this? The steps worked for the first alias however it is not working for the second. Thanks!

  5. Greg Gottfried! I keep getting the Authentication failed message. So I go turn on less secure apps. Then I go back to put in my info again then I click next step and the authentication failed message comes back again. It keeps doing this over and over again. So I’m stuck! Please HELP!!!

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