HTC M4 and Xbox Fusion

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  1. since they both use x86 cpus now, I can fainlly answer: PC!!!

    no im just jkin. We'll jave have to wait and see.

  2. I just proved why a ton of people own a 360.. released ahead by 1 year + developed online community/experience at first (PS3 community caught up at around 2009).

    Original Xbox and PS2 are not relevant here – those online communities were way small. I remember my broadband connection on Need for Speed where 5 people were online. Haha.

  3. we need a 4.7 Iphone or higher I am an android fanboy but I talked to a friend who said they wouldnt buy it because the screen is to small it would help them compete

  4. apple will gonna copy the design og the samaung galaxy s4….i have s4 and htc one i have iphone 3g 3gs 4 5 also and i think htc one and s4 have best design

  5. It would be nice if the next xbox had an intel cpu, amd is just a power hog, intel cpu's would give much better power consumption and a lower heat output too.

  6. Okay. Still doesn't make the point on why a ton of people own a Xbox 360 and why they never had an issue when the original Xbox did the same thing. (the PS2 also had free internet)

  7. I was waiting for this reply. Here is why: 1) Xbox was released 1 year before the PS3 – so users were geared towards joining Xbox. 2) The PS3 online experience at first was very bad – few online players, not as fun as Xbox.

    There you go. Nowadays, the PS3 online community is just as large as the Xbox online community and offers almost the same stuff. Now the PS3 is pretty much outselling the Xbox (they've caught up in # of units sold even after a year delay).

    So that's why.

  8. What I think is that Microsoft is preparing something big to come out of the next gen Xbox anouncement conference. Big enough to be competing with the PS4. For example, a 8-core CPU, improved social features, etc.

  9. Nice info John like always, as a Apple fan I still using I phone 4s , should I wait for I phone 5s or I phone 6?.

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