HTC One Mini (M4) disassembly

I’m not an expert. This is my first cellphone disassembly. The video is extra like a warning for the non-professional to not try a DIY restore 🙂
When you order your spare elements be certain the vendor is obvious about what he is promoting. I received my alternative display screen WITHOUT the sunshine information (for the again/dwelling buttons). The description didn’t inform about that. Now I do not thoughts the lacking mild information (the extreme mild coming from the buttons is a bit annoying when utilizing the cellphone in low mild) but it surely ought to have been my alternative, you already know… .

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  1. broke mine lol m the power button was broken of so i it soon got pushed in the power bbutton didnt exist

  2. are its the same size oh battery htc one mini 2 ?
    because i'm serching for a batterey htc one mini 2 ind i cant find it .
    please help me are its the same size ?

  3. I went ahead and took apart my HTC One mini because my power button wasnt working for me anymore. I removed the old power button and replaced it with a new one. Then I placed everything back as it should but now my touchscreen isnt functioning anymore.. I can power on my phone but can't do any more than that…

  4. at 3:15 i accidentally did try to open the connector reverse, and break it a little bit, semms like 2 pins, does it affect anything much?

  5. Salut, am o intrebare. Grila de sus (cea de plastic de deasupra difuzorului de sus) este doar lipita sau este prinsa si intr-un surub ?
    Merci, ai facut treaba foarte buna 😉

  6. my htc one mini will not turn on due to a broken power button, i have taken the back off, do you know of any way to turn it on? i only need to turn it on once more

  7. Definitely the best video On This Subject On The ENTIRE Web, You Truly Know Your Stuff! Great Job! Maybe You Can Help Me With My HTC One? I Was Pissed Off And Smashed It…Everything Is Broken EXCEPT The Motherboard And I Need To Get My Wife's Pictures Off Of It But The Motherboard Won't Power Up! How Do I Get The Pictures Off Of The Motherboard OR Can I send It To You So You Can Give It A Shot? My Email Address Is: [email protected] PLEASE HELP ME! "/ I Don't Need It Completely Fixed, But Just Enough To Recover The Data(Pictures). I Can Replace The Phone, Just Not The Pics…

  8. i done my htc mini m4 screen with the help of this video, and both the replacement screens i have bought from ebay have been rubbish and dont work properly, the amount of money and time i have wasted can never be given back, so if you break your screen dont get one from ebay, they are all shit, even the ones that say genuine

  9. what size torx screwdriver do you use in this video? also, are the 9 screws you remove also torx screws? thanks

  10. I feel sorry for the tech guys whom gets these phones and are told to "repair" them… watching you take this thing apart was painful to watch due to how delicate one gotta be and how little HTC thought about ease of repair…

  11. hi try to Change Screen on a mini m4 after doing that i dont have any Signal could please help me on this oneany SOS

  12. I fixed my battery with your video. Thank you so much 🙂 However my phone now has an overheating issue. Do you know what the issue might be?

  13. Hi
    Do you think that it is possible to change the silver one mini in a black one? Because my brother has the silver one and now it happened a second time that the plastic around the phone broke and in forums they say that they have no problems about that with the black htc one mini. So I thought I buy the black backcover, the black stickers in front and the SIM Slot in black and change it. What do you think? Possible?? They should be indentical in their construction, shouldnt they? Thank you!

  14. Hi, great video, I had a shattered screen and followed your instructions. I replaced the screen without a hitch except the new screen doesn't respond to touch. I have disconnected and reconnected the two screen connectors but nothing. Any ideas or could it be a dodgy screen?

  15. I've damaged the back of my HTC one mini and was going to follow this guide to replace it. But what you call the 'lower plastic cover' appears to be brushed metal on mine. Do you have any idea if I'll be able to remove mine in the same way? Thanks!

  16. Hey I got another question. My One Mini had a fight against beer inside my backpack. I reacted quickly so it seems like there are no bigger water damages. But since this incident my power button doesnt work properly anymore. Atm it doesn't work at all but he somehow decides from one moment to another to begin working again for a few minutes and yeah another few minutes later it stops working again. I can't see exactly how the powerbutton looks from the inside (in your video) but i think that just some contacts oxidated by the beer and now the power button is not able to close the circuit anymore. Is it possible to repair this by opening the phone up and cleaning the contactors? Or do i have to buy a new power button?

    Ahh and how far do I have to go to reach the Power Button? Do I just have to release the backcover?

  17. My white case has cracks on it so i am thinking of changing it and i have warranty for it…do you think i can change the color of the case as well….

  18. hi, i just want to replace my housing with a red one, to make it a red htc one mini. Do you know any place online that sells the red housing?

  19. Does anyone know if the process would be similar for a regular htc one mini? Or is that what the m4 is? Sorry for the dumb questions.

  20. when you first took it apart 2 little objets fell off as soon as you took the back cover off, where do they go on the inside ?

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