Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs Mate 9: Upgrade worthy?

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19 thoughts on “Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs Mate 9: Upgrade worthy?”
  1. I will never buy a phone that won't allow SD card expansion. I just don't understand why you would Limit yourself!

  2. Although I bought a pixel 2xl I got a steal on a mate 9 obsidian Black for 300. So that'll be my back up phone lol

  3. ditching 3.5mm
    no expandable memory
    thats enough reason not to upgrade or to stay away with huawei who's clearly going on the same way as apple.

    are they trying to be apple?

  4. Over here the Mate 9 is pretty much half the price of the Mate 10. Practically a no-brainer, gonna go and pick mine up today or tomorrow.

  5. Should i get the Mate 9 or Honoor 8 pro, i'm upgrading from my shitty dying Nexus 6 phone i had since 2015 but i'm hard stuck between honor 8 pro or mate 9. I was looking at the Xiaomi mi mix 2 but there was another one i saw that looked good from Xiamoi, anyone wanna help me?

    And Tmobile or Metro PC, my contract ended with Verizon

  6. Have a label in the corner when presenting each for comparison. Basic attribute for viewers purposes. Check the popular reviewers like android authority or MBL . Take notes from them

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