Huawei Mate 9 vs P9 Plus - Speed Test! (4K)

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42 thoughts on “Huawei Mate 9 vs P9 Plus – Speed Test! (4K)”
  1. Nougat make the device feel slightly bit slower than Marshmellow? except for browsing/camera task related. His p10 vs p9+ video show the same pattern

  2. Will you advise I pick the P9 + in as at today over the mate 9. The both have what i want, but only issue ii have with ate 9 is size. Its not comfortable using with one hand..

  3. man what are you talking about.. the quality of the screen is so much better then the mate 9. amoled have nicer colours. microseconds faster apps who cares. its about the Cam, design hardware and software etc.

  4. mate 9 has IPS screen while P9 plus has amoled, then , WHY, P9 has pure white in broswing and mate 9 has a bit yellow white?

  5. 1:50 subway surfer in each device is a different version. woshington dc on the mate 9 vs transilvania on the P9 xD

  6. lol, my p9 totally failed in performance against my old mate 8. when I try a multi task test like this, it stutters after 4,5 apps… and it takes about 1,2 seconds, to open an app or regain control…

  7. This testing like this will be looks stupid and worthless if you cannot touch to open apps in 2 mobiles simultaneously. And yes, human hands cannot do this.

  8. listen bro nobody want to watch a big video………… like you 8 min {boooooooooring)

    make speed test video in 3-4 min please
    thats will perfect

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