21 thoughts on “Huawei P10 Lite Unboxing & First Look! (4K)

  1. I have this phone since 3 years, then the screen broke, but I've repaired it watching a youtube video. I don't need a new phone right now, because it hasn't come the time yet where if you don't buy a new phone you stay really behind, and you cannot do certain things.

  2. I have this phone but i cannot use with double Sims and memory card only with double Sims or with one sim and a memory card how an I use with double Sims and also with memory card

  3. Without having even the slightest courtesy of informing P10 Lite owners, Huawei has decided to completely abandon software support for the P10 Lite and leave it totally devoid of any software updates. As of today, the phone is almost 4 months behind on security patches and still stuck on Android 8.0. This is a gross breach of consumer protection. Huawei saw to it that a big bunch of their phones including the P10 non-Lite version received the push to Android 9. I urge you all to contact Huawei support as I have done concerning this matter.

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