Huawei P10 vs Honor 8: Battery Life/Drain Test!

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23 thoughts on “Huawei P10 vs Honor 8: Battery Life/Drain Test!”
  1. Guys Honor phones are best for photography and they r very fast I use Honor 7x which was very good but when it comes to battery the backup is very low 6 to 7 hrs of non stop usage
    Now a days every PHN is like that due to more ram and better optimisation back up is not good

  2. I just bought new honor 8 12 November.It was upgraded to noughat emui 5.0 now having serious battery drain issue. 4%/5% percentage goes in 10mins.getting 4h sot only..anybody can help me?

  3. But how do they compare if the screen brightness is set to be similar? Maybe minimum brightness? It's not an accurate comparison if one phone is brighter than the other…

  4. parece que tubo un error el p10 y por eso fue que se reinicio porque despues aparece el logotipo de Huawei, en conclusion no gano el honor 8

  5. It's obvious that Honor 8 has noticeable dimmer display and thus – less energy consumption. Phones need to be at the same level of brightness. Plus nobody use smartphone to watch video from charge to charge. Test doesn't reflect real use scenario.

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