24 thoughts on “Huawei P10 vs. Honor 8 | Detailed Comparison Review

  1. Badass Honor 8 …VS …iPhone 7 /6+/6/Se…Samsung Galaxy S7 edge/S7/…vS Galaxy note7 ….one plus 3/3T….Xiaomi… Zenfone 3…….etc …..ooooffff…YouTube is full with comparison videos between the evil Honor 8 and the others shiiiit phones .. hhhhhhhhhhh The King…. Honor 8 …I love't…

  2. I have the Honor 8 and it's a really good phone, but phone reception drops often depending on which side you hold the phone on (old Iphone problems); thinking in terms of specs especially if you travel and are a data hog then the new P10 or p10 plus would be a better choice as both will have LTE 4.5 and offer way more telcom bands; with the plus offering more that the regular model.

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