17 thoughts on “Huawei P10 vs. Huawei P10 Lite: Small Overview (Comparing Size, CPU, Camera, Battery etc.)

  1. What is this? You just said specs that we can see anywhere. Literally the most important thing to compare is left out? What is the difference in screens? Who cares about 0.1 inches, I'm talking colors, contrast, brightness… Very misleading comparison. One would think P10 has better battery but it drains much more power so P10 lite even at 200 mah less wins. CPU is over two times better on P10, yet you'd think it's just a little bit better looking at this shit… Insane

  2. Why do you say Jigahertz instead of Gigahertz? XD
    Your English is funny. At least I can understand you though so not hating! And at least you're not just talking German. I can respect that, especially from German people.

  3. You know there is a English alphabet? For example the english "e" is spoken like a german "i" which you obviously speak…. but nice job reading down the information that stands on every page in the internet have a gr8 day m8

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