Huawei P9 Lite or Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 | in-depth comparison

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  1. hello Damir Franc,
    just want to ask your opinion, im confused which one to buy. Do you think as of now P9 lite is still worth buying compared to samsung j7 pro or vivo v5? I'm concern with camera performane, memory, and battery life. thank you for kind response.. 🙂

  2. which phone is best in camera p9lite or A5 2016…???
    which you recommend the phone for best camera and in best in display?

  3. My p9 lite, I can watch 360 videos but its only SWIPE to rotate the video but rotating the phone doesn't turn the video!?!??! please help!

  4. I have an iPhone 7 that my company have given me for work use and I also have a P9 lite personal phone. My wife has a A5 so I've tried all of them. Have to say I'm very impressed with the P9 lite, prefer it to my iPhone 7 and agree about the camera on the A5, it's very good, but then so is the cam on the P9 lite. I've had Samsungs previously and loved them but I really rate this P9 lite. I honestly can't fault it for the money and as I've put a gel cover on the back and a glass screen protector on the front it's practically hidden from view so the body material is irrelevant. In my opinion it's the best phone in its price bracket right now and I expect Huwawei will become the next Samsung before long

  5. So here's the thing: I drop my phone a lot. I need one that will last me longer. And I'm torn now, because a5 has the gorilla glass, but somehow I think that the plastic on the p9 is much safer than the glass on a5 (on the back I mean). Any advice?

  6. I'm commenting with my galaxy a5 2016
    I choose the A5 simply because:
    better battery life ,and fast charging, which not exist on the p9L
    better camera, better DAS.
    a full HD screen protect with gorilla glass which not exist on the p9L.
    full premium phone with glass and metallic.
    the advantages of the p9L but it's not a difference for me are the 3GO of ram and the speed of the
    fingerprint sensor.
    and the A5 still a little expensive.
    this is the resume of the video 🙂

  7. well first of all when u just say samsung u would thing it is the best…..bu i bought p9 lite…to give him a chanse to prove himself….couse i had samsung before….
    well f**k display differency…. because FHD on p9 lite is amaizing…. 1920×1080….. greate….
    and it ia never need 3h to charge for me… it need 2h…. maybe 5-10 minutes more….. but not much then that…..
    fingerprint works amaizing… love in it…
    camera works greate…..i mean i DONT need it too much because i have cameda…. better then it will be on s8….so…. :)….
    well for this 1 mounth 10/10

  8. still doubting a lot between these two… hope you can help me? screen, battery and performance are the most important for me.
    a5 16 has better screen and (slightly) better battery, but what really worries me is that it has only 2gb ram compared to the 3gb on most phones, like the p9 lite. Is this noticeable? and what do you recommend for me?

  9. Recently bought my son the P9 Lite for £149 from Vodafone. Unfortunately it was the last one and the cheapest I can find it for now is £179 from Giff Gaff. Compared to the Galaxy A5 which seems to vary between £200-£250 and does feel and look more premium I would have to choose the P9 Lite.

  10. 28/2/2016
    A5 2016 @ £17.50/month (4gb, many mis, many txts), 24 months = £420
    P9 lite: can't find for <£20. Can buy for ~£180. Then sim only £10/month (similar gbs, mins, txts), 24 months = £420.
    Similar ££s in the end, but got to hand the win to the A5 as the payments are spread.

    What matters to me? If the differences otherwise are small I'm going to go with the A5 just for the fast charging. How many times have you caught yourself a bit short on power% right before you're about to head out?
    Shows that you get 50% in 30 minutes. If you're in a bind that's very useful.

  11. i had to choose between Samsung /J series and P9 lite I've chosen the P9lite I've been using it for about a month now, it performs very well, i haven't had any issue so far, the battery life is great, gaming is very smooth, it's an amazing phone…

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