26 thoughts on “I’m Switching to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra…

  1. "We have seen some Chinese (read:CCP) companies putting out 100-plus watt charging…"
    Yes, we have also seen some Chinese apartment complexes falling over, as they don't care much for safety over profit.

  2. was on the Note 5 , then switched to Note 9, trying to get the Note 20 Ultra.
    Apparently, since the S21 has S-PEN functionality, i have a feeling this might be the last Note to be made.

  3. For anyone who's in any sort of design fields, the pen is absolutely crucial. My friend whos in fashion industry has been using the note since the 3rd gen. and my professors (architecture) all got 7th gens, and I joined since the 8th gen.

  4. It's a good phone…..but if your trading on it. It tends to wanna overheat and bug out. Been noticing that lately with this phone. Almost like it can't handle the Stock Market.

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