iPad Air 2 vs. Surface Pro 3: Big-Screen Tablets Compared

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11 thoughts on “iPad Air 2 vs. Surface Pro 3: Big-Screen Tablets Compared”
  1. *I bought this for my friend (glad she puts items in her wishlist). JustU.Faith/Surface-Pro?浅 She pretty picky about technology and what she needs. I haven't heard a complaint yet (ok maybe Windows 10, but who doesn't complain about this OP system). *

  2. The best feature of the Surface Pro is that it runs full Windows and the best feature of the IPad is that it comes in color gold!!! LOL … you have to compare the surface pro with a macbook pro o another windows tablets or notebook… the IPad is just a multimedia device… not for real work.

  3. What was that your comparing something that has a full tablet and full pc to a locked up no freedom ipad ARE YOU KIDDING ME

  4. This was the funniest review I have ever seen. It's like comparing Apples to Oranges, the Surface Pro 3 is an actual laptop. 

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