iPad Mini 1 vs iPad Mini 2 :Comparison

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  1. This is a perfect solution for my purposes justU.faith/iMini2 However, I should have looked for more gigs of space. I ordered this one with only 128 GB. Should have been 256 GB. This is used mostly for aviation applications for IFR/VFR charts, weather, and airport information.

  2. So the only distinction between the two is the small pin hole at the back? I nearly bought an ipad mini 2 which was a 1st gen ipad mini. I checked the model number at the back to confirm that it was indeed a 1st gen mini 🙂 but the seller told me it was a mini 2???

  3. The iPad mini 2 is very solid to this day, its still supported and will probably still be supported until the end of ios 10, hell, it might be able to run ios 11, though chances are probably slim, I don't know.

  4. Why can't you freaking update to the latest update on any freaking generation Apple sucks, oh wait they just want us to fucking wast our money buying the next fucking update and it's really pissing me off

  5. i have an iPad mini first gen its 3 yrs old hshould i upgrade what should i upgrade to? i thought maybe just one like the 2 or 3 but all the cases are being made in the 4 case

  6. At all…..my iPad mini 1 is stupid……I wanna download afterpulse but not compatible…..anyone wanna change their iPad mini 2 or 3 with my iPad mini 1?

  7. hey man great video!,
    I just have a question about which one is better for me I am getting it as a birthday present and my family kinda cant afford the of the ipad mini 2 so should I get the 1 and install the new ios please reply i need your help

  8. Actually the older one, in this video, is just called IPad Mini. Apple refers to it as that on their website. A true 1st generation IiPad Mini, Air, or any other will have no camera. I found that out after buying a used 1st generation -Air as a gift.

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