iPad Pro vs Galaxy Tab S6 - Smackdown!

iPad Pro vs Galaxy Tab S6 – Smackdown!

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The iPad Pro is nice. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 is nice, so which one do you have to get? that is what I got down to discover out on this video.






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39 thoughts on “iPad Pro vs Galaxy Tab S6 – Smackdown!

  1. I'm just getting into art and was wondering what what would be a good intery level tablet for drawing and sketching? I'd mainly use it for rendering/sketching car designs.

  2. Finally, it depend on what you use for.

    I'm privately has Tab S6, mostly used for just reading some ebooks, taking note, checking the data & report reading (ads dashboard, finance, etc); that are more comfort than doing all of those in my phone (Galaxy Note 10+) & in my laptop (Surface Pro 7). Phone's screen was too small to reading the report dashboard, & windows device's battery can't as long as mobile/tablet's batttery while we are on the go.

    I think for me that mostly just taking note & reading ebooks/report will has no problem using both samsung tab s6 or ipad pro.

    Altghough i currently use Tab S6, seems i want to try having that Ipad Pro if i already has some budget.

  3. 2 reasons why to get IPad Pro and not Samsung Tab:
    #1: IPad’s have a more premium and heavy feel.
    #2: Apple just makes products that just hold up longer then Samsung products. For example I have both of them, My Samsung Tab s6+ got blended simply when I dropped it in a school bag. iPad Pro on the other hand, my IPad Pro 2018 edition is still holding up super well and I have never bought a case for it.

  4. I'm really curious to see how he compares the new Tab S7 and S7+ to the 2020 iPad Pro.

    I'd say they've bridged the gap with this latest iteration of the Tab S.

    Also… dismissing an app just because it "doesn't have as many hand gestures" as you want? Is your work THAT non-flexible that switching just a small amount of how-to-use an app completely knocks you out of whack? Then the problem is your own incompetency and inflexility, not the app's problem.

    You wanna throw money onto the problem with an iPad, go ahead. Meanwhile, i'll be supporting the freedom of open-source apps and enjoying the customisability offered to me by android.

    PS i tried the apple pencil and the s-pen. The s-pen was much more comfortable to draw with. One more reason why the iPad ain't for me.

  5. Hi Brad, now that S7+ is out….I am waiting to hear your opinion. Would you opinion change about Android vs Apple after S7+, would you now call S7+ a true Android replacement for iPad Pro? I am interested because I am almost going in for iPad Pro just for the sake of digital art although I would not want to since being an Android user.

  6. I really wish that Samsung have a sale on our country because in Philippines you can buy it for like arpund ₱48,000 and that's like $980 if you convert it on Dollars and it's very very expensive even on Apple products i think it'll probably reach around $1600

  7. Aaah, palm rejection is a problem too (not perfect) on iPad and also it's bluetooth would just stop working for a few seconds (never happens with Wacom tech on Android). Users know more about what it's really like to use this devices, so stop with the one is bad (don't buy) and the other is perfect (salvation) talk as all devices have issues and they are all different from the other.

  8. People confusing cost with quality, just becasue apple is more expensive doesn't mean it's better just that it's cost more.

    I don't really care about apple product and those that say they are better, I won't ever use one, I just came to see the S6 in action, and while it may not be as good objectively it's what i'd buy as there isn't another option, apple doesn't count.

  9. On my old iPad I could highlight an article and have it speak to me out loud. Can I do that on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1?
    In other words, I would like my Tab A 10.1 to be able to read things aloud to me. Can it do that? If so how?

  10. Apple is clinging on to there life with pro create the truth is if you dont care about drawing apps then the tab s6 is worlds better way better speakers way better display because LCD is straight trash and the processor is more then fast enough to do anything on the s6 you could dream of plus you get DeX which truly is a game changer…. ipad is overated as it gets s6 all the way

  11. In this case its $500 vs $800 android vs ios man what a time to decide I'm a fanboy of both i use a android phone but i still very much so prefer iPad pro over samsung sorry its just easier to use and the batteries last years not just a couple of years. Also spending so much on accessories is just stupid i personally don't get it

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