iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera comparison

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera comparison

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has loads of camera options to set it aside from different telephones, together with a 108-megapixel mode, 8K video and 5x optical zoom. Let’s examine images and movies from the Note 20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro Max to see which is healthier for landscapes, portraits, selfies, night time mode and extra.

00:00 – iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera Comparison
00:47 – Landscapes & HDR
01:56 – Zoom
02:52 – Portrait Mode vs Live (*20*) and Selfies
03:44 – Night Mode and Low Light Environments
04:29 – Video
06:57 – Verdict

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38 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera comparison

  1. For me, Samsung's rear camera is better but Apple's front camera is always the best. You can really see the distinction between the photo through its overall quality.

  2. I just switched from the 11 Pro Max to the Note 20 Ultra after having been an iPhone user for 6 years. While I love the Note 20 Ultra, I do miss the camera and image processing from the iPhone. I just feel the samsung image is overexposed and I prefer the blue hues of the iPhone over the blues on the samsung. I find that shooting photos in night mode during the day helps with the overexposure on the Samsung.

  3. Guys … I go with note 20 ultra or I stau with iPhone 11 Pro max and waiting the iPhone 12 ?? To be honest I'm sick of the iPhone.. but scared from the note 20 ultra camera . I need your opinion. Thanks

  4. Hope u know that you are comparing the note 20 ultra with a phone that released last year. That itself shows the power of iphone. But remember, iphone 12 is coming soon. Should have mentioned it before concluding.

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