iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia N8 Camera Comparison - 10 Years Later!

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34 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia N8 Camera Comparison – 10 Years Later!”
  1. N8 was my first touch screen phone❤❤…I got it from my elder brother… I was so excited for this phone bcz it was going to be my first camera as well as touch screen phone…. The camera was superb…. The least I can say is the best camera phone in my life….If flash was used when capturing photo the skin tones were absolutely amazing…completely natural and full of details unlike todays android phones which only makes your screen smooth and fair not but does not capture that much detail and pixelate with little zoom. .. Sadly it is not working now…

  2. The N8 can still hang with the best of them even today. It was the phone I used on my college thesis. The photo quality was just so ahead of it's time.

  3. Nokia N8 will still beat most of today budget smartphones (under $200) in term of camera, color accuracy, low light condition

  4. this was my dream phone, I remember c5, e5, n8 launching event and had 1st HDMI mobile , I still feel so angry on Nokia that they didn't tie up with android those days, Nokia was best in those eras but now they are nothing

  5. only best quality cameras and build quality yet smartphones are Huawei Mate – P30 Pro or P40 Pro not cheap made apple products that copy's huawei for years and it is 3 years old tech with almost no innovation and 300% marketing win of every sale , Huawei in general took over thats why stupid trump banned the telecommunication sales side of hauwei cause they innovated 4g and 5g and 6g and then smartphones was next cause they so ahead and cause of money and off course for apple

  6. How did you compare this? You have comparing a latest model of iPhone with 10 Years old Nokia set. Can it be possible a same sensor? You can compare N8 with iPhone 4. Both are released same time. Very disappointed, Apple is 10 years behind Nokia.

  7. Configurale bien la cámara al Nokia y te lo pasa por el encima al iPhone, esos no son los colores del Nokia, los del N8 son más vividos

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