iPhone 12 - Comparing the Specs! - Which one to buy?

iPhone 12 – Comparing the Specs! – Which one to purchase?
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22 thoughts on “iPhone 12 – Comparing the Specs! – Which one to buy?”
  1. 12 base model for me.Mini is too small,pro only has a slightly more feature heavy camera,and pro max is too big for my taste.

  2. Looking for an iPhone 11, 11 Pro or a 12. The 11 and 11 Pro will definitely decrease in price and might find a good for those. Or hopefully I’ll find a good deal for the iPhone 12! Do you think they’ll stick to their price or I might find a price a little bit less for the iPhone 12? Thanks for the video, keep it up!☺️

  3. I can’t go back to a small phone since the 7 came out, 12 Pro Max 256gb for me, I just want a black one, if not I’ll get the graphite color

  4. iPhone 12 series affirms that apple's innovation is dead.
    If not the raw power of A series chips, there's nothing new.
    Huawei & Samsung are far more innovative.
    Apple is sucking huge profits for nothing

  5. Hi Chigz. The features you don’t need or want in the 12 and 12 Pro, can you give some examples how they are beneficial?

  6. iphone mini is for people who wouldnt use it regularly or consuming alot of content like videos and social media. its looking cute but not for consuming content, unless the person is going to use it as a second phone including other phones they have.

  7. Watched it all on Apples channel, but nice to see what you like Chigz 🙂 Still more than happy with my Android phone 🙂

  8. Nice walk through of x3, thanks for sharing Chigz 🙂 I'm in love with the iPhone 12 Mini Blue, but want the iPhone 12 Pro Max for few extra features… dilemmas

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