iPhone 12 Mini Size vs iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 12 Mini dimension vs iPhone 11 Pro – Hello all and welcome to this video comparability between the All new Apple iPhone 12 Mini vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro in dimensions and dimension. In this video I examine each of the iPhones that can assist you see how a lot of a distinction you possibly can anticipate from the brand new iPhone 12 Mini must you determine to select this telephone up. If you intend on getting the iPhone 12 Mini please contemplate sharing your suggestions with the group down beneath within the remark part of this video! As at all times, thanks for watching and you’ll want to properly and peace.

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28 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Mini Size vs iPhone 11 Pro”
  1. iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone 11 Pro size comparison, in this episode we take a look at the dimensions of the iPhone 12 Mini vs the iPhone 11 Pro to help you understand the size you are going to if you have the iPhone 11 Pro, share what you want to see going forward below and enjoy the content 🙂

  2. I moved from 11 to 12 Mini but I would immediately go back. 12 Mini is…too small (personal opinion), and battery is weak.

  3. Bottom line is the mini is slick but that battery is significantly less. What’s the screen on time going to be like 4-5 hrs max? No thanks

  4. Hello, I saw one youtuber stealing your video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtZNxoYSP14&t=30s&ab_channel=%EC%9E%AC%ED%81%AC%EB%A6%AC8JaeCre8
    The video in the link looks identical to this video. Would you check this video?

  5. I didn’t know people had access to the mini already. I’m considering going from the 11 Pro to the 12 mini because I want to go back to full reach capability with one hand. Thanks for the video!

  6. 1:44 thank you for doing the reachability test. I checked other videos and no one does it. Super useful!

    iPhone 12 is slightly bigger than iPhone 11 pro whose reachability is already mediocre, therefore I'll have to go with a Mini to be able to use it with one hand. And my hands aren't even small!

  7. Being the owner of a SE 1st gen, this 12 mini is exactly what I was waiting for! The best iPhone design ever in a perfect size. The only thing I miss is the lack of a Pro version with its third camera, but maybe it wasn’t possible technically due to the small size…

  8. Getting rid of my 11pro for the 12 mini… I just want a smaller foot print and miss having a phone i can use with one hand

  9. Would have liked to see the phones on and in the same app to see the differences in what shows on the phone screen. Thanks

  10. Honestly, out of all the new iPhones, the 12 Mini is the one I'd buy. Why? I like a nice pocketable phone. I know that may not seem like a big reason to some; but let me tell you, trying to pull out a phablet can be a pain to do, especially if you have narrow pockets! The 12 Mini shares the same flagship specs as the rest and, as some people have surmised, this is what the current iPhone SE should've been. So there's that.

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