iPhone 12 Mini Size vs iPhone 11

iPhone 12 Mini dimension vs iPhone 11 – Hello all and welcome to this video comparability between the All new Apple iPhone 12 Mini vs Apple iPhone 11 in dimensions and dimension. In this video I evaluate each of the iPhones that will help you see how a lot of a distinction you possibly can anticipate from the brand new iPhone 12 Mini do you have to determine to select this cellphone up. If you propose on getting the iPhone 12 Mini please think about sharing your suggestions with the group down under within the remark part of this video! As at all times, thanks for watching and be sure you effectively and peace.

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As at all times, thanks for watching and be sure you effectively and peace.
As at all times, thanks for watching and be sure you effectively and peace.


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33 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Mini Size vs iPhone 11”
  1. This was the kind of phone i was expecting apple to launch when the announced the 1st iphone SE ( latest design ) . I was thinking of holding to my X for the 3rd year but i think this Mini will not let me…

  2. Just the comparison video I was looking for. I’m highly anticipating this iPhone mini. My small hands will be grateful! Can’t wait!

  3. I have an iphone 7 i got it recently but its a used phone i wanna switch to a 12 mini but is it worth it

  4. Glad apple made a small phone now atleast Other OEMs will learn something new! Phones are supposed to be phone not a Multiplex screen

  5. After the announcement of iPhone 12 being released, I went ahead and ordered the iPhone 11, 128GB. This is my first iPhone as I’ve been a lifelong Android user. The transition to iPhone should be seamless as I’ve been using an iPad for some time and familiar with iOS. Should arrive Monday. I’m excited and a bit nervous. I was using a Galaxy S7, 32GB and I didn’t even use up all that storage. The S7 won’t be getting anymore updates so I felt it time to upgrade.

  6. It’s crazy because I went from the iPhone 4s, to the 5s, to the 6, 6S, 7 Plus, XR, and when I found my 4S I couldn’t believe I used to use a phone that fits inside the screen of my XR, now the size of the XR is just normal to me

  7. Apple created iPhone 12 mini for the users who liked small phones like the se and were refusing to switch. Now they will. Hats off to Apple for listening to their customers

  8. Im tight on budget and is rather confused btw 11/11 pro 12 or mini, 5g is not even coming near here, so not necessary

  9. I usually always go with the clean look of white if I can but after getting the green of the 11 I kinda fell in love with it's art deco and sort of 50's vintage green color contrasted with the rounded glass and silver metal mic grill by the camera

  10. Not so long ago every reviewer were saying "I prefer larger phones because you can't see a movie o something isn that small screen". People in comments also said that. Now, let's look wheere we are again.

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