iPhone 12 Mini Size vs iPhone 5S

iPhone 12 Mini Size vs iPhone 5S

iPhone 12 Mini dimension vs iPhone 5S – Hello all and welcome to this video comparability between the All new Apple iPhone 12 Mini vs Apple iPhone 5S in dimensions and dimension. In this video I examine each of the iPhones that can assist you see how a lot of a distinction you possibly can count on from the brand new iPhone 12 Mini do you have to determine to select this telephone up. If you intend on getting the iPhone 12 Mini please take into account sharing your suggestions with the neighborhood down under within the remark part of this video! As all the time, thanks for watching and remember to nicely and peace.

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19 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Mini Size vs iPhone 5S

  1. iPhone 12 Mini Size vs iPhone 5S size comparison! In this episode we use the iPhone 12 Mini replica to take a look at how in sizes up next to the older iPhone 5S to give you an idea what you will be upgrading to if you decided that you are going to get the iPhone 12 Mini from the iPhone 5S! If you want to see further content with these two devices, please consider sharing those ideas below in the comments and enjoy the content 🙂

  2. Love my 5s. I paid $50 for it at Walmart three years ago. I know it’s operating system will be obsolete someday. Maybe then I’ll go to the Mini as I prefer a smaller size because it fits well in my hand.

  3. For me Realy iz a joke the Iphone12 mini iz not realy mini , the 5S or SE ar much Cooler and Smaller , I told every Time Apple should make a Smaller Phone like 5S and all the lovers off small phones will like it much much more . Look at Palm PVG 100 thats called a small and Highend Phone .

  4. I used iPhone 5s for 7 years (2013-2020/maybe 8 years since it is almost the end of the year). Looking forward to buying the iPhone 12 mini. I still want to keep iPhone 5s. It is still very functional 🙂

  5. I don't use these devices anymore, but i still got an iPhone 3G, 4S and a normal iPhone 5 laying around and i'm pretty proud of it. 😀 I never got the iPhone 6 but after that i bought the iPhone 7 and last year i bought the iPhone 8 and i'm still using it

  6. The 12 mini looks like the perfect size. I thought the 4/4s/5/5s was just slightly too small, but the 12 mini looks like just the right size for what a phone should be. While the newer iphone screen sizes aren't bad by any means, I feel that for most occasions they're just too big. Unless you have Andre the Giant hands, nobody needs a big phone. A tablet works perfect for those instances where you need something bigger.

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